One Book At A Time

A short trip to MPH Vivacity after a post-hiking late lunch last Sunday made me left the premise with a book called ‘Lelaki Yang Tak Punya Apa-Apa Untuk Dipersia’ (translation: A Man Who Had Nothing To Lose), written by Hasrul Rizwan, who is definitely, I daresay, one of the bestselling authors in Malaysia’s local publishing scene. At night, after our visit to the hospital, I … Continue reading One Book At A Time

Wild Things Happens Below The Surface

When I didn’t understand something, I gathered up the words scattered at my feet, and lined them up into sentences. If that didn’t help, I’d scatter them again, rearrange them In a different order. Repeat that a number of times, and I was able to think about things like most people. Writing for me was never difficult. Other children gathered pretty stones or acorns, and … Continue reading Wild Things Happens Below The Surface

Ten Bloody Kilometres and Personal Growth

How does ten kilometre sounds like when you’re not a marathon runner, you barely slept as you have a dinner function the night prior, you’ve never finished ten kilometres in one go before, your only energy supply is a bar of Snickers, you’ve barely trained for the past five months prior to your run? Sounds like I’m signing up for larian neraka, but at the … Continue reading Ten Bloody Kilometres and Personal Growth

Decluttering & Reorganizing: Hair

It’s very difficult for me to maintain only one hairstyle, and because of that, I’ve tried nearly all hair lengths and cuttings that came across my own Pinterest boards. It’s been about two years since I’ve grown my hair out of a pixie, and I’m finally getting into the pixie cut again. It used to be my little comfort, and my obsession of (probably) going … Continue reading Decluttering & Reorganizing: Hair

De-cluttering, for the 999th time.

I’m finally writing a blog post again. I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but every time I had WordPress open, I was overwhelmed with setting my to-do list that I eventually lost my main ideas and the essence that I’ve been wanting to write about. I’ve been in a whirl of a mess myself with everything that has been going on lately, from … Continue reading De-cluttering, for the 999th time.

faux pas

There’s nothing you could do to make it better, better. Tunes spikes endorphins. Reading the lyrics are optional. Barren messages in coatings of melted sugar. Defeated by heat and evaporated into air. It’s essence are then nothing ethereal. I am in a constant rage, a never-ending battle with my eccentricity. A sculpture attracting grey pigeons but entices none. What can I ever offer that one … Continue reading faux pas