TGIF Oct 19th: Labels are for the Obsessed

I despise label for one thing—because I don’t fit in any. I grew up in everything universal. I listen to as much mainstream music as much as alternative indies. I read Young Adults along with biographies, fantasy fictions along with magical realism. I love learning science as much as I appreciate making music. Some days I feel like t-shirt and jeans, other days I feel … Continue reading TGIF Oct 19th: Labels are for the Obsessed

Live a mindbodygreen life with Pinterest aesthetics

This morning, I made myself a glass of chocolate Anlene, read The Silver Linings Playbook for 30 minutes, did a full body stretch for 15 minutes, showered, get dressed, and attend work. I consider this a good change. I’ve been neglecting self-care for a really long time. Ever since I tried to push myself forward to get better and be better, to redeem and make up … Continue reading Live a mindbodygreen life with Pinterest aesthetics

How Kina Grannis Became An Integral Part Of My Musical Journey

A/N: I apologise that this post will be more personal than my other posts, which were directed more towards shaping the community into mindful citizens and all that boo. Although my favourite things about Kina Grannis are her boyshort pixie hair (and lowkey, her Japanese heritage), the impact she had on my musical journey is something very powerful and impactful in moulding the kind of songwriter I … Continue reading How Kina Grannis Became An Integral Part Of My Musical Journey

‘Smart’ Is A Good Feeling

  “After long conversations like these, I feel smarter. And smart is always a good feeling,” I said, as I placed my teh tarik kurang manis back onto the table in front of me. Everything was splashed with hues of orange and yellow spilled by bright filaments in a little musical eatery owned by Haji Noh. I was, after a long period of dullness and losing … Continue reading ‘Smart’ Is A Good Feeling

How ‘Acceptance’ Can Mean ‘True Happiness’!

Warning: You might find Manglish and Singlish in the following post. Acceptance. Such an easy concept to implement to achieve happiness, but such a complicated one indeed. I understand every part of acceptance, and at one point in life, practiced it for personal healing. Acceptance is a (if I’m allowed to say), a way of pursuing life to the greatest contentment, and achieve true happiness. As a … Continue reading How ‘Acceptance’ Can Mean ‘True Happiness’!

The Things That Kept People Alive

Today, I woke up sleep-deprived. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just feeling super tired. It’s easy to figure out if I’m extremely exhausted—if it’s only ten in the morning and I’ve succumbed to a can of Red Bull and both ears plugged into power beats from Spotify. It seemed that there’s so much to think lately. So last night, I—being a person who’s destined with … Continue reading The Things That Kept People Alive