How To: Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal is a thing, and while it seemed like a simple idea to practice mindfulness in our busy daily schedule, keeping up with it might feel like playing the same favourite episode of┬áRunning Man all over again. By time, you’ll get bored of writing the same thing everyday, and what you’re thankful for will eventually lost it’s value. So here are simple steps to … Continue reading How To: Gratitude Journal

The Art Of Listening To Your Body

For a Virgo like me, it’s a challenge to quiet down our mind, because our analytical nature often made us want to look for solutions or improvement of the things that surrounds us. When I first tried meditation years ago in effort to find inner peace and still the mind, I often drift into the distractions that my active brain has created for me. Meditating … Continue reading The Art Of Listening To Your Body

What Not To Assume On A Positive Person

I think we all have that one friend who’s always cheerful and optimistic, that seemed like nothing is ever wrong in their life (and if they did, it was something they could carry on and survive through). Having them around makes you feel all sorts of emotions; 1) you want to be as optimistic as them, but 2) you’ll distance yourself because they’re different, 3) … Continue reading What Not To Assume On A Positive Person

4 Reasons Why Cleaning Can Be Meditative

I love cleaning and tidying. I’m that kind of person who would tidy my desk at 3AM when I couldn’t sleep. I feel at ease when I’m cleaning and tidying, and I find peace in arranging my books, or folding my clothes. House chores is one of the ways I could relax my brain (because as a Virgo, I have a mind that never shuts … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Cleaning Can Be Meditative