How ‘Acceptance’ Can Mean ‘True Happiness’!

Warning: You might find Manglish and Singlish in the following post. Acceptance. Such an easy concept to implement to achieve happiness, but such a complicated one indeed. I understand every part of acceptance, and at one point in life, practiced it for personal healing. Acceptance is a (if I’m allowed to say), a way of pursuing life… Read More How ‘Acceptance’ Can Mean ‘True Happiness’!

Why Defining Real/Fake Friends Is Bad For You

I see this everywhere. You do too. Real friends does this. Fake friends does that. I don’t need fake friends. I only need real friends. Insert more emotional high school mumbo jumbo from the thoughts that lasts as much as an oscillating pendulum—periodical. I used to be one of those too. Sometimes when life takes a toll on you, you began… Read More Why Defining Real/Fake Friends Is Bad For You