To The Trashbin

One of my closest friend got married yesterday. And after writing a short heartfelt post, I’ve come to realise that I don’t have any photos from our early uni days that I can post with it. In fact, most of my uni photos are gone, stuck in an irretrievable digital form in my old Acer laptop.

When my Acer laptop busted months after I got my MacBook, I didn’t really mind at all that I’ve also lost access to my hundreds of One Piece anime episodes, HD quality of complete Hanazakari No Kimitachi E episodes as well as Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. While I wept on my inability to now play Sims 3 on my Windows, I also regret that access to most of my old photos are now nonexistent.

Note: They’re all in Drive D, not the system drive. I think it’s retrievable, but I’m not sure how possible it is to get them back.

How sad was I though? Not very. I shrugged the worry away fast, because I think I wouldn’t really use these old photos anyway. A person once told me, in the car parked in front of Arked Meranti while sipping our teh c peng in plastic, “I don’t keep old photos. They took up space. I don’t necessarily need them when I’m moving ahead with life.”

I inhaled those words and it hit me hard with the reality that comes with it. The next thing I know, I kept that motto for every time I needed to pack my bags and move somewhere. I’ve learned to give away or throw away some of my personal belongings, and symbolically, I’ve overcame a common fear of letting go of the things that you love, sometimes, even the people you love. It’s the only way to move forward in life. Sure, you’ll someday miss the things or people in your younger years, those that meant so much to you, or those teddybears you cuddle in your sleep. Either way, they all will remain memories, distant and untouchable. Nothing that will hold you back from thrusting forward into life.

At occasions like marriage of a dearly close friend that I regret not keeping our old pictures (and to be fair, we’ve lived separately after uni, which means four/five years of only phone calls, brief meetings and late-night texting, so pictures together are impossible), but after a while, being void of old pictures doesn’t mean my friendship with him isn’t valid. It’s the remembrance, memories, the pictorial recalling in your head still makes it just as sweet as having pictures, and in a few years time, the four of us will be sitting at a table at a mamak shop, recalling the funniest memories and the saddest one as well, spilling secrets of the past and resolve old open-ended questions.

Congratulations on your wedding, bro.

Image via: Paolo Raeli


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