How Different Would It Be If Positive Sirius Wasn’t Personal

Mundane. Good, but mundane.

Hello, it’s me. Keeper of Positive Sirius, and perhaps, the only one running it.

This blog have been in hiatus for several months, in that void, nothing was stagnant. My emotional intelligence goes through a whirlwind of exploration of the good and the bad, like it should. I have an bottomless well of thoughts that may or may not be related to myself on a personal level. I write, I write a lot. I write so much and in various attempts to write, I often found myself in an endless magical odyssey on understanding myself and the universe. This might sounds like I’m high, or dramatic, but I’m very much in love with unraveling a new concept or a new thought as I write and write and write, and it was my favourite thing to do. I write endlessly—from bits of thoughts, to long emails, to short fictions, to unpublished blog entries. Writing is as if my method of learning how to live, and I will gladly continue to write until my fingers are not capable of writing anymore.

When I started this little blog, my intention was to slowly jot down my thoughts on positivity, mindfulness, creativity and inspiration in article formats that readers can benefit from. Think a less emotional Thought Catalog, and a less professional mindbodygreen. Think casual, but positive. Think Pinterest motivational feeds in form of articles. But as time goes by, it became hard to maintain this blog—single-handedly writing articles on positivity and all that, on a daily or weekly basis is an unnatural task. We’re not born positive. We have positivity and negativity inside of us, and what makes us decent is our ability to balance the good and the bad. At least that’s what I believe.

So after a while, I asked myself, if Positive Sirius delivers the kind of things Thought Catalog, mindbodygreen or Pinterest deliver, what’s the point of having Positive Sirius in the first place? I thought too hard on serving the audience, I almost forgot that what makes every blog unique is that it’s personal. Positive Sirius is supposed to embody the elements of my so called endless magical odyssey on understanding myself and the universe. It’s supposed to be like Elizabeth Gilbert’s self help books, the kind in which the words speaks to you like letters from old friends who have gone through things and wants to see you happy.

Hence, from today onwards, Positive Sirius will be like that. Revolving around the same themes of positivity, mindfulness, creativity and inspiration, Positive Sirius will be a little less commercial and a little more personal. Posts will not be very frequent, and topics may vary, but as long as it gets me writing, and it sends me on that endless magical odyssey, it will maintain.

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