How To: Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal is a thing, and while it seemed like a simple idea to practice mindfulness in our busy daily schedule, keeping up with it might feel like playing the same favourite episode of Running Man all over again. By time, you’ll get bored of writing the same thing everyday, and what you’re thankful for will eventually lost it’s value.

So here are simple steps to keep yourself motivated for the 30-days gratitude journal. I’ve just gotten myself a cute cheap planner from Mr. DIY (you’ll start appreciating the wonder of cheap superstores once you’re broke, trust me), and I’m going to fill it soon with gratitude entries.

Step 1: Get yourself a pretty notebook

I’ve just gotten myself a cute cheap planner from Mr. DIY (you’ll start appreciating the wonder of cheap superstores once you’re broke, trust me), and I’m going to fill it soon with gratitude journals. But if none of the cheap ones suits you, you can go for pretty higher-end ones as well at your local stationery shops, MPH, Popular, or Kinokuniya.

Another alternative (if you’re too lazy to get yourself a notebook) is you can create an online gratitude journal. Tumblr makes it easy to create a new blog under the same main profile/email address, and it’s phone app makes it easy to navigate between multiple blogs. Twitter and Instagram phone apps also provides easier access to multiple accounts, you don’t need to have the hassle to log-in and log-out every day!

Step 2: Get writing!

Write one thing you’re grateful for each day. Normally, I would start with a;

  • date and day
  • current location (bedroom, coffee shop, library, etc)
  • current weather (comforting rain, bright and sunny, etc)
  • things I’m grateful for
  • inner thoughts (because I think it’s important to let your inner thoughts flow through writing)

If you’re stuck, or you’re uninspired, here’s a list of prompts you can write about:

  1. the season you’re grateful for (season bola ka season durian ka)
  2. the knowledge you’re grateful for
  3. the touch you’re grateful for (did anyone hug you today)
  4. the story you’re grateful for
  5. the challenge you’re grateful for
  6. the form of expression you’re grateful for
  7. the song you’re grateful for
  8. the tradition you’re grateful for
  9. the small thing that happened today you’re grateful for
  10. the talent or skill you’re grateful for
  11. the smell you’re grateful for
  12. the colour you’re grateful for
  13. the sound you’re grateful for
  14. the memory you’re grateful for
  15. the place you’re grateful for
  16. the holiday you’re grateful for
  17. the ability you’re grateful for
  18. something about your body you’re grateful for
  19. the piece of art you’re grateful for
  20. the person in your life you’re grateful for
  21. the day of the week you’re grateful for
  22. the family member you’re grateful for
  23. the personal belonging you’re grateful for
  24. the technology you’re grateful for
  25. the food you’re grateful for
  26. the nature you’re grateful for
  27. the book you’re grateful for
  28. the taste you’re grateful for
  29. the texture you’re grateful for
  30. the sight you’re grateful for

And while I’m thankful for the existence of Joe Jonas (amor est. 2007), I wish you good luck on your gratitude journal! If you’re on it, tweet me an entry of your gratitude journal at @stfflndg and I’ll compile as much as I can in the future post!

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