Can You Believe It’s Halfway Through 2016 Already?

Seriously though, can you? We’re halfway through June, the sixth month out of the twelve, and it felt just like last week that I was in a Nerf battlefield (not to mention, the Nerf battle was between very grown men, I won’t like) and someone brought rotating disco lights plugged in with the 90s ballads to awkwardly set the New Year mood, but I went back and listen to DNCE’s ‘Cake By The Ocean’ as my last song heard in 2015.

Okay, probably too much information.

But above all, there is just one question I’d like to ask of you: how many 2016 goals have you achieved so far?

For me, personally, 2016 is a very tough year for the year of the Horse, like me and Kang Gary (who lost his role as a Monday Couple on Running Man and being replaced with a worse role, the squid). My goal this year were simple, (1) to be healthy and fit; and (2) to be financially stable. While I’m far from being financially stable (yet!), I’ve improved myself in terms of health and fitness this year, although very slowly. A friend and I made a New Year Pact to consume only one flavoured drink per day and the rest of it will be only plain water, because we hated plain water, but eventually, it became a habit. I’m more watchful of the amount of sugar and sodium I take everyday, and I’m strong on milk because they’re like the magic juice that heals your muscles every time after you work out. I’ll probably do a fitness post soon, a very simple one cos I’m no gym girl (yet!), but I’ll probably do tips on stuff like hiking for Beginners.

I’ve also been trying to find my game, where I belong, but nothing felt right so far, and I’m probably just too impulsive most of the time.

It’s alright if you haven’t achieved your 2016 goal. We still have six months to go, and well, six months is plenty of time if it didn’t go as fast as the first six months of this year. Anyway, I wish you all good luck and (pardon the language) LET’S DO THIS SHIT!

A/N: I’m sorry for the temporary hiatus. Things have been crazy and as the only person who runs this blog and writes the content, I sometimes want to crawl under the bed and play Sugar Smash for several nights. Let me know if you’re interested in keeping this blog alive and all you have to do is just write!


4 thoughts on “Can You Believe It’s Halfway Through 2016 Already?

  1. It’s alright, Steff – I’m sure that the readers will understand the reason behind your hiatus. I don’t mind contributing a couple of articles for this blog, but I’m not sure what to write about, lol.

    1. Hi Ciana! Long time no see. I’ll be happy to have a co-writer! Positive Sirius focuses especially on positivity, creativity, health, mindfulness, inspiration and a little fun/lifestyle. You can write on these (:

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