Simple Guides For Tapping Into The Transformative Power of Pisces

Prepare to welcome changes, transformation and reinvention beginning March 8th!

The title may make me sound like an astrological enthusiast (which I wanted so much to be, but still couldn’t grasp the cosmic part of it, to be honest), but I really am just a regular girl who only understood one thing about the cosmic world – that the Universe and us, are one and the same, and just as they can influence our internal energy, we can also absorb the Universe’s energy.

The Pisces’s new moon is a supermoon (the point where the moon is the closest to Earth), and a solar eclipse. Eclipses brings changes and transformation. Here’s some tips to fully take in the advantage of the transformative power of Pisces (explained in the simplest way, ever for non-astrolgists like you and moi):

  1. Shift into quantum thinking – loose what you usually believe in.
  2. Be led by your curiosity – and welcome the unexpected.
  3. Consider the concept of life after death – read about the experience of life, death, oneness and healing.
  4. Regard everything you do as work of art – honor every moment of your life.
  5. Breathe and meditate.
  6. Take a break and follow your muse.
  7. Take part in the Clean Water Movement – here are more than 100 ways to do so.

For extensive reading on the ways above (and The Pisces Supermoon, which will perhaps make you a better astrologer than me), visit this article by The Astro Twins on mindbodygreen!

Image via: Pixabay

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