Positive Board: February Recap

Who doesn’t love Pinterest Boards? They’re great way to keep you motivated and keep workout tips or pin helpful articles. Let’s see what I’ve pinned in February, and hopefully some pins will help you to stay motivated as well!

 1. 10 Signs Your Life Is Changing For The Better (Even If It Feels Difficult Right Now) from Thought Catalog

As someone who is going through making big decisions and life changes, this article comforts me and gives me more confidence in my decisions. Going through big changes is very discomforting, but the most important thing is to follow your intuition and gut feel.

2. A Simple Mindfulness Exercise To Promote Kindness & Self-Compassion from mindbodygreen

Here’s an article to help you meditate and be grateful towards yourself. I am a big supporter of practicing kindness towards ourselves, because I believe that nowadays, it is as if our culture to treat our body and soul badly by filling our mind with negative thoughts and depriving ourselves from enough rest and sleep. Our body is a temple of our soul, so we shall treat it like so.

3. 10 Best Leg Exercise To Lose Thigh Fat from fitwirr

Yes, I still do want smaller thighs and washboard abs! I think we all do. I think you’ve noticed that my Pinterest Board is filled pictures of abs!

4. Motivational Quotes from Cosmopolitan

Because motivation isn’t a 24-hour thing. It fluctuates, and is most abundant for the first 2 hours of the day than the rest of the day. If motivation doesn’t come to you in the evening when you most need it, don’t wait for it to come. Find them instead! Motivation is only what get you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

5. What Meditation Does To Your Brain from yogatime

This is an article of the things you need to know about meditation, and how it really does benefit to you mentally and physically.

Check out other pins on my January Positive Board and February Positive Board, and follow my March Positive Board on Pinterest.

Image via: Pixabay


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