5 Workspace Decoration Ideas

Leave work at your office, they say. But these days, a 8-to-5 job isn’t something that everyone has. Working from home requires a designated workspace, and hence, a pretty workspace inspires productivity! Here are five workspace decoration ideas you can incorporate into your space:


Image via:  decordots.com 

 1. Have A Colour Theme

Having a colour theme makes a space look less complicated, and provides a clear mind for working. Opt for stationeries, decorations and furniture with similar colours. Go monotonous if you love black and white!


Image via: diycraftprojects.com

2. Put A World Map… Just Because

If you’re not sure what to put on your wall, try buying a world map… just because! It’s a great feature for home office (and you also might be better in geography after a while).


Image via: modernfindings.tumblr.com

3. Utilize The Mighty Window

I love windows, because I love natural lighting, because I love the sun, because I love how sun gives life. Utilize your windows and have some sunlight for your workspace to give you that comforting spring feeling.


Image via: flickr.com

4. Add A Comfortable Guest Sofa

Comfortable guest sofa that you can use as well if you need to stretch your legs or take a nap. You also can use the sofa to do some readings more comfortably!


Image via: scandinavianlovesong.com

5. Organize Your Ideas With A Mesh Rack

A mesh rack makes your desk look more creatively elegant, and plus, you can also use it to hang personal photos or anything inspirational!


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