What Not To Assume On A Positive Person

I think we all have that one friend who’s always cheerful and optimistic, that seemed like nothing is ever wrong in their life (and if they did, it was something they could carry on and survive through). Having them around makes you feel all sorts of emotions; 1) you want to be as optimistic as them, but 2) you’ll distance yourself because they’re different, 3) you’ll end up hating them instead. I can promise you, positive people aren’t as lucky and strong as you think they are. I know, because I am, that one friend.

 1. We’re not perfect.

No, we are (I repeat) not perfect. Our outside shell may seem shiny but most of the times we focused on things that benefits us so much, that it overshadows our imperfection. If you look through the layers of our happiness, you’ll find a few empty spaces that you’re glad to have.

2. We’re not lucky.

I personally don’t believe in luck. I believe in gratitude, and I do carry a planner in which I start a dateline before a line of two about gratitude – writing down the things I’m grateful for, which is a very helpful practice in staying positive. With all the positive energy that I’ve started my day with, I will attract more positive energy around me, and yes, negativities might slip in almost every day, but remaining in gratitude will shed them away.

3. We know how it feels.

We are not kings and royals. We know how it feels to be at the bottom (seriously). And just because we don’t tell our stories out, doesn’t mean our rock bottom stories doesn’t exists. Never assume that a positive person have never felt rock bottom – because rock bottom is why we go YOLO in the first place, and rise from there.

4. We don’t just get wisdom out of the blue.

Wise isn’t a trait people are born with. And maturity is something we get by actually learning from mistakes and experience. You don’t go wise overnight. You go wise through trials and challenges, through listening and accepting. And that is how we sounded like a grammatically correct Yoda (sometimes). We’ve been through a lot you may never know.

5. We have higher pain threshold than you.

This may be true, but don’t let it stop you from being inspired by the little things that we positive people do, or believe in. We’re trying so hard to overcome our challenges, and you should, either. Never go back unless you go all out on something.

6. We’ve also experience great loss or trauma.

Clearly, when you see a positive person, you’d tend to forget that she or he has experienced great loss or trauma like yours. Or maybe you’d remember, but “hey, she/he seemed to be okay with it now, she/he survived, lucky her/him”. What you don’t remember was that she or he once laid under the bed with suicidal thoughts enveloping her/him. She/he is just like you. And she/he tried so hard to make it, and that’s what made all the difference, and who she or he is today.

Image via: Pixabay


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