Secrets For Success: Ashley Tisdale

She’s well known for her role as Maddie from Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and popularized the drama queen character Sharpay Evans in High School Musical franchise. But the actress did not slow down on life after the franchise ends, she has been managing her own production company Blondie Girl Production, co-founded a lifestyle blog A Haute Mess, became the new creative director for a T-shirt brand Signorelli, and soon, will be launching a cosmetic brand Illuminate. Did we mention, she’s also married?

Just go out and do what you want to do and be creative.

Tisdale puts her hundred percent on acting, but she’s also keen in trying everything before she turns 30. She loved getting involved in the process of creating and managing her projects.

Listen, it’s amazing how things can change if you just keep going at it and you keep learning and growing and don’t quit.

The actress is big on positivity. Defeat and demotivation is a big part in business but it doesn’t stop her from working. Tisdale believes that every day is a brand new day and it allows her to invite a fresh breath of change into her energy.

What matters most is not reward, praise, or pride. What matters most is at the end of the day you tried.

She loves her ‘Girl Boss’ mug, it made her feel powerful. But like everyone else, Tisdale makes the most of inspirational quotes and items she finds, and treat them as blessings from friends.

Throughout everything you have to have faith and know that it will work out if you just keep going at it and keep learning.

Tisdale believes in not giving up in things she loves. She referred to Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson as her role model, and she sees the intelligence and strength in these women that inspires her to keep going on.

Read Ashley Tisdale’s full interview with MyDomaine here!

Image via: Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine


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