How To Let Go Of Belongings You’re Too Sayang To Discard

Lunar New Year is tomorrow, so before you enter the year of the monkey, today is a really good day to trash everything that doesn’t serve you anymore! I used to be a hoarder and I thought everything was worth keeping, but most of the time, half of my possessions were often left untouched for years! Once  I’ve practiced throwing away things that doesn’t serve me anymore, I became more of a minimalist, and ever since I’ve started with this practice, it has also become easier for me to let go of the emotional clutter in my everyday lives. That is to say, it’s easier to let go of memories and people that doesn’t serve me anymore.

Trust me, it’s a good practice.

Does this item gives me joy?

Six months is the limit. If you have not touched something in three months, that thing has got to go. According to KonMari method, evaluate each item and ask yourself, “does this item gives you joy?” If it’s not worth keeping in the house, it goes.

Thank you for being here.

If you haven’t touched something within three months, put it in a separate box or basket. If you’re struggling to discard the item, try recalling why the item is in your possession, and thank it for its service. This practice will help you discard most things you’re too sayang to discard, and as time goes by, it will also teach you to let go of what no longer serves you in life.

I will make do with what I have.

Throwing away old belongings makes spaces for new ones, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace them right away. You’ve already reduced to minimalism, why not stay a minimalist for a moment? Practice to be grateful of the belongings you currently have, and by time, you will get used to making the best with a small wardrobe. This practice will also teach you gratitude, and you will treat every small events and possessions as blessings in your life.

Image via: Pixabay


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