‘Nobody Understands’ And Other Cognitive Biases of Your Emotional Brain

Often times I’d find one or two people believing that ‘nobody understands’ them throughout their hardest phase in life. Usually, I’d contemplate on helping them, because I know how it feels when nobody understands us (didn’t we all do?) but then I remembered, “nah, they’re going to believe what they choose to believe anyway.”

That’s pretty true, isn’t it?

Most people don’t realize that ‘nobody understands’ is something they have manifested and feeds their brain with. It is a self-made conclusion derived from being selective of what you choose to believe, while in reality, ‘nobody understands’ is a big misconception. The ‘nobody understands’ is the one thought that gives a greater pull towards negativity in a person.

The thing about the complexity of a human is that they can be subconsciously manipulative, even to themselves. The mind of a human coincides with consciousness all the time – and from it, the human mind gotten used to cognitive biases. That is to say that we’re selective with what we feed our thoughts. This is why it’s hard to change a person’s way of thinking. Thoughts are, while generally intangible, is strong. I’ve always believed that thoughts carries energies, and the energies (positive or negative) can stretch and ultimately dictate your thoughts.

A change of thought needs an individual’s willpower. We need to reject what we’re so used to and be neutral to welcome unfamiliar thoughts. Without the willingness to be neutral, you’ll find yourself in a web of thoughts that you’ve collected & created. You can’t blame others for it. Still, many people make the mistake of blaming others for the thoughts you feed in your head, because well, it’s easier.

The best way to avoid cognitive biases is by asking questions (a general step to being more emphatic and understanding other thoughts). Asking yourselves questions that goes against what’s in your head will help you develop your neutrality and reasoning skills. In the end, you’ll become a peaceful person yourself, because you’ve learned to balance thoughts in your head.

The next time you feel that ‘nobody understands’ you, remember that it’s all in your head. Your mind is telling you to ask for acknowledgement that you don’t need. Instead of expecting people to ‘understand’ you, focus on small blessings in your life, and gratitude will take over your thoughts with positivity.

Image via: Pixabay


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