10 Little Things To Do When You’re Feeling Demotivated

Being motivated the best state of spirit you can ever experience, because with it you’ll always believe that you can do so many things, but often times you’ll get demotivated over small things, and it’s fairly hard to get back on track. Demotivation is a negative energy, and the more you succumb to it, the more you manifest demotivation in yourself. Sometimes, you don’t realize that even small changes in your life can leave rippling effects on your spirit.

 1. Get Yourself A Cup Of Good Coffee

Or Milo, or teh tarik. I love either, but hot beverages in the morning will help you feel energized throughout the day. My body associates hot beverages as an indicator of the beginning of a day, so once I have my hot cup of coffee, it’s a sign that I need to get started for the day. (Extra Read: Why Cold Water Is Bad For You)

2. Be Best Friends With Your Planner

Some people invest in planner. Some are fine with digitalized ones. Either way, pick a planner that pleases you – and your lifestyle. If you like to detail out your life and routines, pick a one-page-per-day planner. If you like simplicity, the monthly-display planners will do. List down things to do everyday in your planner – so you can keep yourself on track. Review your planner every night before bed and plan out for the next day, so you have things to look forward to every morning you get out of bed.

3. Buy Something New

It doesn’t have to be bloody expensive. A new pen or a box of raisins will do. It doesn’t have to be everyday. You’ll be surprised how a new piece of sketchbook will make you want to draw again. You’ll be surprised how a new box of oatmeal will make you want to eat clean again. You’ll be surprised how a new piece of yoga apparel will make you want to do yoga again.

4. Read

If you can’t commit to a novel in your current state, daily blogs will do. Subscribe to good inspirational blogs like Astral & Opal, Thought Catalog and mindbodygreen (these are my top three favourites) will keep you inspired and gives you the positive vibes you need to get back on track.

5. Find A Comfortable Space

Sometimes, you can’t seem to focus on work due to distractions around your office and your home. If you don’t have a work desk at home, or if you seem to feel lazy in your working chair, you need a new place! Hop to your nearest library, cafes or public spaces that allows you to sit and work comfortably. Sometimes, you need a change of environment to refresh your mind and spirit.

6. Talk About Your Dreams and Goals

Don’t be afraid to slip your dreams into your daily conversations with friends. Sometimes they can be the best motivator you can have, and sometimes they can give you better challenges for your to work on. Talking about your dreams and goals will remind you of what you wanted to achieve, and why you want to.

7. Declutter Your Space

A cluttered space will make you feel overwhelmed, and gives you an excuse or illusion that you ‘have too much things to handle’ at the moment. Throw away things you don’t need (and you know that you only need so little of your belongings instead of the huge pile of something in your bedroom). A less cluttered space make you a better minimalist, and keeps you focused.

8. Go For A Walk (Or A Run)

I love the sun at 5PM, and sometimes I make it a habit to walk outside at 5PM just to bask in the pretty sun. Leave your thoughts behind once you’ve left your door for your evening walk, and indulge in the peace and calmness that the evening will offer you. Inhale and exhale deeply as you walk will benefit you – it carries more oxygen into your brain so you would feel refreshed. I find walking very meditative, and if you liked vigorous exercise better, go for a run instead. You’ll find this fact everywhere on the internet, but exercise releases endorphins, and decreases your stress hormones too.

9. Invest In A Little Chalkboard/Whiteboard

And write your weekly goals or good quotes on the chalkboard/whiteboard. I placed mine on my desk, and looking at my weekly goals makes me feel important. Being reminded by your weekly goals will remind you that you have a purpose to achieve.

10. Keep A Good Playlist

Music. Music is always therapeutic. Keep a good playlist in your phone or in your car. While some dramatic sad songs can be a bloody catchy ballad to belt out in the car, stay away from them when you’re sad! Upbeat songs can really make your day, and that’s why radios play pop most of the time in the morning – pop gives you good energy. It’s true. I still couldn’t explain how DNCE’s entire EP ‘SWAAY’ managed to make me feel good about my bad day. Maybe I’m just in love with singer, or maybe it’s just the music.

Image via: Pixabay


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