Positive Board: January Recap

When I figured out 2016 is going to be my year of self-growth, I did two things for that mission. One, create Positive Sirius. Two, create a monthly Pinterest Positive Board. I’ve read countless of good articles everyday on self-growth, health and well-being, that I feel the need to bookmark them in case I needed that extra boost again in the future. Then again, this board serves as a collection of good articles that had helped me grow as a person throughout the entire month. Creating these boards on a monthly basis has helped me focused on the self-growth that I need to work on. Let’s see what did I pin in January!

 1. The Journey Of Getting There from Astral and Opal

This article reminds you to find strength in working through your life as you achieve your goal. We would usually focus on our destination rather than the journey itself, and in doing that, we treat the journey as a burden and our destination as a prize. This article reminds us to appreciate every step of our daily life and be grateful for the little steps that we take.

2. You May Feel Broken Right Now, But You Are Not Weak from Thought Catalog

This article can easily relate to everyone, basically. This article is basically the open letter, the motivational talk that you needed to read or hear to pick yourself up again after a really bad day. It’s like a chicken soup for the soul. It reminds you that pain and struggles are temporary, and you will get better in time.

3. 5 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself from mindbodygreen

There are habits you need to shed, and some comes in the form of mental speech. This article helps you to change your perspective, strengthen your willpower and repair your habits. You’ll be surprised how these little things will make you a more productive, purposeful person.

4. 12 Ways the #KonMari Method Will Transform The Way You Organize Your Home from Brit + Co

Marie Kondo is the author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, and this article summarizes the concepts and methods of Japanese cleaning and decluttering to turn your life into a better, less-cluttered space, which will subsequently influence your life as well. I needed this as I wanted to declutter my space and let go of things that I don’t need.

5. 30-Day Shape Slim Down Challenge from Shape.com

Because I wanted to slim down! I have a slender body but big hips and slight muffin top, so I wanted to tone down my legs and my torso. I’m not doing it for any other reason than self-satisfaction. While being body positive is good, exercising for a flatter tummy is a personal choice. And I choose it, Pikachu.

Check out other pins on my January Positive Board or follow my February Positive Board on Pinterest.

Image via: Pixabay




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