5 Books Clubs/Activities For Malaysian Bookworms

Reading has been a trend lately, it has always been, and it should be! If you’re a Malaysian, and you’d love to meet more bookworms like you for book read-alongs and book discussions, here’s 5 book clubs or activities that you need to follow!

 1. @MYbibliomaniacs on Twitter

Bibliomaniacs Malaysia is one of the active online book clubs in Malaysia, and like any other book clubs, it goes on the concept of read-alongs, book quizzies and everything bookish! Biblomaniacs is the book club you need to follow if you’re into fantasy and young adults (trust me, Malaysian Harry Potter fans will be happy once they read their ‘Readgardium Bibliosa’ Twitter description). Visit their Website here and talk to them on Twitter here!

2. Bookends Malaysia Book Club

For slightly more serious books, Bookends Malaysia Book Club is a new book club created by a former curator of @twt_buku, who was also a big fan of Star Wars. This book club has branched into different states, and book read-alongs are held every month followed by book discussions. Events and projects will be held throughout this year, so do look forward to the updates at their Twitter!

3. @twt_buku on Twitter

Twt_buku is a public account with several moderators and revolves on the concept of guest curatorship with one curator per week. You don’t need that much commitment to really follow twt_buku, as they focuses on open discussions with just anyone so long as you have a Twitter account. Twt_buku archives their curators’ book discussion in a blog, which you can check out here, but the main discussions/activities will be on Twitter, which you can check out here.

4. Buku Jalanan

Buku Jalanan has been out and active since 2011 around Malaysia. Inspired by the concept of mobile libraries in the U.S., Buku Jalanan’s activities are centred around lending/borrowing books, live book discussions and meet-ups, and even poetry readings. To date, there are 14 branches of Buku Jalanan, including one in Dublin and another in Tokyo. Check out your nearest Buku Jalanan club.

5. Our Shared Shelf on Goodreads

Okay, this one might not be Malaysian-based, but I truly love this club. It was created by Emma Watson parallel to her feminism campaign, and focuses on books about/for empowering women. Discussions revolve around monthly read-along books, gender equality issues and feminism itself. Our January book was My Life on The Road by Gloria Steneim, and since January is ending, you’re just in time for our February book! Join Our Shared Shelf on Goodreads here.


Image via: Pixabay


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