6 Things To Remember When You’re Afraid Of Failing

Like everyone else, I fear of failing. Failing is bloody demotivating, failing can always be a setback, and most of all, failing is always an embarrassment. Although failing can be the greatest teacher, there’s always something about it that breaks you a little inside. But chin up, the feeling of failing does not last forever if you remember all these.

 1. Failing is natural.

Almost as natural as breathing. Failing is a part of life process, and you cannot learn without failing. Always remember that no one is perfect – even the best student in your class may have failed in cooking a perfect plate of mee goreng ayam. Treat failure as a part of life, and be kind to yourself all the time.

2. You’re meant for something greater.

Sometimes things are just not meant to be. I know this may sound cheesy, but it’s true/ You may dwell in the ‘what-ifs’ of the alternate life you have if you did not fail a certain particular thing or event, but everything happens for a reason. Believe that something greater is waiting for you, and it’s only waiting for the right time to come to you.

3. Don’t worry of other people.

My ultimate fear (to be honest) about failing is other people’s perception of myself. I grew up with good grades and am always the top of the class, excelling in extra-curricular activities, and possess natural skills that several people might find interesting. I am so used to the reputation of a winning woman, an exceptionally brilliant little girl, while I was growing up, and to fail will most definitely disappoint people who had high hopes in me. It may be hard to always believe in this, given that no one can live while ignoring their psychosocial responsibilities, but I would tell myself that in the end, it’s my life. People will judge, people will get disappointed, but if they did not contribute to helping you back up, remember that their opinions doesn’t matter. Don’t let petty comments bring your spirit down.

4. Keep moving forward.

The aftermath of a failure may be a bumpy road ahead, but always remember to keep moving forward. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. Do not dwell to much in your failures, and do not put too much energy in your negativity. It’s always okay to take a day or two in case you needed a break, and come back stronger than ever.

5. Appreciate your friends and family.

Appreciate those who have stood by you even if you cannot work things out. They will be your best support and they will give you all the positivity that you need. Good energies will dismiss all disappointment and demotivation that you don’t need.

6. This too, shall pass.

Failure is temporary. Like all painful events in your life, it will pass. Failures were meant to be a temporary stop, they were never meant to last forever. You will remember the last time you get your heart broken, or the day your book manuscripts got rejected, but in a few months, they remain a part of your life that doesn’t dictate your current success anymore. They remain a memory.

Image via: Pixabay


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