4 Reasons Why Cleaning Can Be Meditative

I love cleaning and tidying. I’m that kind of person who would tidy my desk at 3AM when I couldn’t sleep. I feel at ease when I’m cleaning and tidying, and I find peace in arranging my books, or folding my clothes. House chores is one of the ways I could relax my brain (because as a Virgo, I have a mind that never shuts up or stays still). There’s something in washing and tidying that subconsciously brings you peace and mindfulness.

 1. When you clean, you focus.

Taking your time when cleaning your space will make you observe of the finest details of your chores. It helps you focus on an activity, and think of nothing else. It makes you forget about the exhausting train ride home, when you focus on scrubbing your sink. It makes you forget about the bad business meeting that you had earlier, when you focus on arranging your stationery. Take your time in cleaning, do not rush. Treat cleaning as act of kindness to yourself, instead of a punishment.

2. Going through your stuff makes you grateful.

When you clean, you might stumble upon many things that you may not remember purchasing. Some things remind you why they are there. Perhaps you’d find a book that has once helped you sleep peacefully at night. Or maybe there’s a shirt under the bed that has helped protected your head from the rain sometime ago. A fridge that reminded you that you have more food than you have ever needed. There are reasons why you own things in your house, and one way or another, they have helped you.

3. You let go of things that no longer serve you.

However grateful you are with your things, there are things that you realize you should not keep, either. Practicing to choose and dispose, or donate, things that you might not need anymore, gives you the courage for you to let go of the little things that do not serve you anymore. You will have a lighter head, and you will feel more at peace.

4. You provide yourself a good space to live in.

Elizabeth Gilbert tells her the experience of scrubbing temple floors as her chore while she was in an ashram in India to pray and meditate. There’s a reason why cleaning is a part of religion – you humble yourself to provide yourself a clean, comfortable space to pray. House-cleaning gives the same effect. You humble yourself to clean the space you’re living in, and it’s an act of being kind to your body and your soul.

Image via: Pixabay



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