5 Signs You’re A Strong Individual

 1. You make your own decisions.

You tend to be the one who suggest and decide in most events, like what movie to watch, where to eat, or which top is better. You know your preferences and commitments, and you know what is best for you and the people around you. You ask opinions and advice from others too, but at the end of the day, the one who makes the decision is you yourself. You have enough willpower and confidence to carry your own choices even though it contradicts with everyone around you (as long as it doesn’t affect them in a bad way).

2. You’re comfortable with being alone.

You find comfort in doing something you love alone rather than doing something you don’t love with your friends. You would rather take up music degree alone than engineering degree with your friends. You’re okay with running alone in the park, you’re okay with eating alone in a restaurant and you’re okay with going to the movies alone. You can find solitude in everything that makes you happy, and you don’t depend on any other individual to make you happy.

3. People often remember you.

You know you’re a strong individual when people remember you without your group of friends or your lover. You have a strong personality and great confidence in representing yourself, and you have many things to offer to people. You might be remembered for your talents, your lovely personality, your intelligence, your interests, or even the way you bring yourself.

4. You choose your influences.

You’re the kind of person who would analyse and research a piece of information or a theory before believing in it. You have good thoughts, thoughts that are very firm. You have your own opinions that does not sway with the opinions of the people around you. You are a good debater and you are not afraid to express your opinions. You choose to believe things that are fair and justified and you are okay with being stood corrected. You are also okay with everyone else around you having different opinions, as long as they are not negative.

5. You have your emotions under control.

You may be heartbroken, but it doesn’t make you manifest hatred in yourself. You may be betrayed, but you do not hate intensely. You are the kind of person who would not put up a hate status on Twitter of Facebook at every petty problems you have in your daily life. You’re always able to let go of the bad things and forgive little mistakes others have made. You understand that it’s better to spend your time and energy on a good cup of coffee with a good book in a coffee shop, rather than recalling and retelling negative thoughts in your head.

Image via: Pixabay 


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