faux pas

There’s nothing you could do to make it better, better. Tunes spikes endorphins. Reading the lyrics are optional. Barren messages in coatings of melted sugar. Defeated by heat and evaporated into air. It’s essence are then nothing ethereal. I am in a constant rage, a never-ending battle with my eccentricity. A sculpture attracting grey pigeons but entices none. What can I ever offer that one … Continue reading faux pas

Is Your ‘Dunia Buku’ The Same As My ‘Dunia Buku’?

Recently, a bookish friend shared an article from Sinar Harian, written to critique the market of local publication. As I read, I have several comments in regards to this article, but I shall continue this article in full Bahasa Melayu so my points would appear less cocky (you know what I mean). Ulasan Artikel Sinar Harian Menurut pengarang artikel, Apa yang kita hadapi pada hari ini adalah imej … Continue reading Is Your ‘Dunia Buku’ The Same As My ‘Dunia Buku’?

How Kina Grannis Became An Integral Part Of My Musical Journey

A/N: I apologise that this post will be more personal than my other posts, which were directed more towards shaping the community into mindful citizens and all that boo. Although my favourite things about Kina Grannis are her boyshort pixie hair (and lowkey, her Japanese heritage), the impact she had on my musical journey is something very powerful and impactful in moulding the kind of songwriter I … Continue reading How Kina Grannis Became An Integral Part Of My Musical Journey

‘Smart’ Is A Good Feeling

  “After long conversations like these, I feel smarter. And smart is always a good feeling,” I said, as I placed my teh tarik kurang manis back onto the table in front of me. Everything was splashed with hues of orange and yellow spilled by bright filaments in a little musical eatery owned by Haji Noh. I was, after a long period of dullness and losing … Continue reading ‘Smart’ Is A Good Feeling

Of ‘Kitchen’ by Banana Yoshimoto

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto My rating: 5 of 5 stars Kitchen and it’s complementary novella Moonlight Shadow has a certain Makoto Shinkai vibe on it. If you’re a fan of Makoto Shinkai’s works, you’d understand the melancholy and romance in Yoshimoto’s works as well. ‘In the uncertain ebb and the flow of time and emotions, much of one’s life history is etched in the senses. … Continue reading Of ‘Kitchen’ by Banana Yoshimoto